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Olive (2009/11/27 18:14:04)
Très bonne idée Laeti!
Laeticia (2009/11/26 12:01:02)
I cant open Facebook since a long time and believe me I've tried many ways. Now i gave up. So let's use this Feitz forum as FB!
I guess the webmaster will have a lot of work to do then ;)
Olive (2009/11/25 12:54:39)
22, contact me by mail (contact page) I'll send you Correy's e-mail address.
Seb (2009/11/23 16:58:58)
It's such a beautiful day today
22 (2009/11/20 22:46:03)
Does anyone knows how to get in touch with Lockett ???!
E-mail, QQ, cellphone, all ok~
Yang (2009/11/20 22:40:22)
Why are you all speak English? That's make me feel nervous... guys, are you all foreigners?
Lily (2009/11/15 18:03:35)
And how about girls seven???What's will be for us???
Seven (2009/11/14 12:35:14)
need a rave party?
i think is good for guys~~
Lily (2009/11/10 13:36:25)
Hey! Can anyone see the photos of Orange party? I could see only one on the first page,so sad!!!
Seb (2009/11/09 23:24:29)
Josie I love your dimples.
Lily (2009/11/02 21:34:48)
Hura!!! Thank a lots Olivie,too many of crazy photos on mysterious Halloween's night!
I'll never forget this nice memory!
Love u and all Feitz's friends...Muahhhhhh!!!
Seb (2009/11/02 12:04:33)
Hey all,
I just want to thank you all for the amazing time I had in Guilin, I love you all, I want to make love to you all on the Feitz floor.
See you.
Seven (2009/11/01 19:00:52)
hope everything goes well
Dj Ginho (2009/11/01 00:28:13)
Thank u Olive for all those pictures, for this site, and for this birthday's party..Just amaising!
By the way, i just wanna say that Lindsay from Yangshuo will never be better than Oliver's belly dance ( every week in Feitz and ONLY in the FEITZ)!! such an event :) haha just kidding
Olive (2009/10/29 22:40:36)
Lindsay de Yangshuo dansera la danse du ventre mi-novembre au Feitz.
Vivian (2009/10/29 17:18:41)

I heard your bar from some friends. I wonder do you have some English corner at weekend? Such as the "English Corner breakfast" for weekend?

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Bonne soiree!
Laeticia (2009/10/28 15:42:03)
Where are my photos with Joyce???
Jan 安同 (2009/10/27 04:47:22)
Last semester i studied at the university and we went we went often to Feitz. Now i am back in Holland but when i see the pictures is miss Guilin even more.
Safiya (2009/10/25 09:46:42)
haha! =) Le Feitz-connection people! =) nice to see everything is going well in Guilin =))
Krän (2009/10/24 22:03:37)
Ha ben sympa le Feitz maintenant, vous finissez toujours en slip? :p
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