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Breanna (2015/12/15 22:54:01)
Jon, good to hear from you. I'm eager to read these things. Two of my dear fednris are deep China Ian Boyden did his doctoral work there, and Seth's girlfriend did some architecture associated with the city built to house either tourists or displaced persons from the dam. So I watched a movie about the dam and its results, but these bamboo boat pictures are remarkable. dl
Binod (2015/12/15 22:53:29)
He doesn't look good, but it's good to know that he's still doing his thing. I've heard the first single off his upocming album, it sounds good. He has a distinct voice, but still it reminds me of Bobby Womack.I'm sure the album is gonna be good. I'm certainly looking forward to it. All the best to him
Joe (2015/12/13 20:43:00)
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Quiero (2015/12/13 20:42:29)
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Ronal (2015/12/13 14:38:15)
Lovely pics the rusticity of the last few fotos. The food looks good but quite xsvnpiee ! Litle say! LOL lovethose names...
Maria (2015/12/13 14:37:46)
LMAO who's site is this! You are funny ass hell. I'm sorry I don't know but I'm lazy I don't be researching shit i just come on here to chkueoct the new gossip. KC LOL damn, damn, damn I didnt know he was that bad. I kicked with Bobby and he's off the chain but he still coo, KC is a real live Eddie Cane Jr. lol nigths like this .i wish rain drops would fa ha ha halllll!
Ganesh (2015/12/12 06:47:25)
Nice post this one. True, I'd take up the chance to stay in those rtuisc environment as well, though the matter of hygiene may be of concern.A little pricey yes, but since this was the BEST meal of the journey so far, shouldn't be a matter, no?
Kay (2015/12/12 05:35:22)
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Dezza (2015/05/25 06:08:01)
Is this bar still going as last post was in 2013
Alexandr (2013/11/17 20:58:56)
Yah, I might have but it was really exsinpeve in the restaurant I was at and I did not feel like eating hot pot. You should definitely make it to Guilin at some point before you leave China.
Sharon (2013/11/16 13:28:16)
Cool post. I'm thinking of hitnitg Guilin in June/July this year. Have been wondering where to stay and checked out Wada Hostel. Looks rad! This is basically what I've been looking for. The trips to Yangshou seem also a definite trip.
Lily (2010/12/11 02:14:28)
Tu me manques,le feitz!!!
pipiu (2010/11/22 23:43:59)
c est ferme maintenant le feiz?
Kevin (2010/06/17 11:57:34)
Switzerland beats Spain!!
Wish I could have watched that game with le Feitz crew!
Seb (2010/06/09 15:52:55)
Au Feitz les gens se tiennent tous par la main et chantent des comptines en buvant de la limonade. C'est chic.
Olive (2010/06/02 06:10:38)
Le Feitz est le bar le plus original de Guilin. Les soirées sont bon-enfants, les gens gentils.
Jacquline (2010/05/30 10:03:22)
Slt a tous!je suis d'origine de Guilin, mais je ne suis jamais venue au Feitz. Pourriez-vous m'en parler?
Yvonne (2010/05/25 00:30:35)
or "oliver","olive"?
can't remember :(
Yvonne (2010/05/25 00:24:10)
Last time i heard a song in Feitz,love it so much,but i don't know the name of it. i tried to google it,but found nothing. anyone could help? there are many "olivia" in the lyric...
BEN (2010/05/22 00:38:32)
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Rugby (2010/05/20 11:46:59)
Thanks for your replies guys
Laeticia (2010/05/19 14:44:16)
My first victory of poker at Feitz last night!!!! wowo~~~
Krän (2010/05/17 00:09:48)
Hey, it could be one great idea to show some rugby!!When i will be back, i will take one rugby ball, miss it so much in china ;)
Olive (2010/05/16 13:03:49)
No, the pub only shows what's on Chinese National Sport Chanel (CTV5), and I doubt they show rubgy. Sorry.
Rugby (2010/05/13 21:16:57)
Im coming to Guilin next weekend and was wondering if this pub shows the super 14 rugby on TV?
sanya (2010/05/04 05:36:51)
DnB!!!!! yeah man!!!
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